Veterans World Tour 2023 is a flight around the world taking our manifest of virtual vets around the world. The flight lists for this tour feature many world sites in which men and women served and, in some cases, made the ultimate sacrifice. There are also some on the list that are purely rest stops. We hope this tour will provide you with the opportunity to fly to some places you might never have otherwise, and the ability to reflect on their significance in the lives of veterans. If you'd like to, you can make a donation of any amount to support the work of Guitars for Vets ( to help those dealing with PTSD. Thank you to those who have helped us support this worthy organization. Enjoy transporting our vets to the various locations on this tour. Guidelines: -If you don't have the exact aircraft you can substitute a comparable plane to complete the flight. -No slewing of flights is acceptable for this event or DAL Virtual flights in general. -You must book each of the flight legs in this section from this page. Simply scroll down and click "View" on the flight you'd like to book, then proceed to do so.

Event Detail & Statistics

Start Date:
12 Nov 2023 00:00 (UTC)
End Date:
01 Jan 2024 00:00 (UTC)
Legs Flown In Order:
Completion Award:
Completion Bonus XP:
Total Legs:

Interest (6)

Darryl Daniels - DAL242

Joseph Cespedes - DAL288

Charley Kull - DAL323

Scott Peterson - DAL124

Alessandro Di Maio - DAL249

Andrew Adolph - DAL294

Event Legs

# Depart Arrive Flight Number Aircraft Completed
1 KIAD KJFK DL1G4V B763 View
2 KJFK EDDB DL2G4V A333 View
3 EDDB LFPG DL3G4V B772 View
4 LFPG LIRF DL4G4V B744 View
5 LIRF HLLT DL5G4V B752 View
6 HLLT HECA DL6G4V B753 View
7 HECA ORBI DL7G4V A333 View
8 ORBI OKBK DL8G4V B763 View
9 OKBK OBBI DL9G4V B772 View
10 OBBI OMDB DL10G4V B752 View
11 OMDB OOMS DL11G4V B772 View
12 OOMS HDAM DL12G4V A332 View
13 HDAM HCMM DL13G4V B772 View
14 HCMM VCBI DL14G4V A333 View
15 VCBI WMKK DL15G4V B763 View
16 WMKK VVTS DL16G4V B752 View
17 VVTS VVNB DL17G4V A332 View
18 VVNB RPLL DL18G4V B763 View
19 RPLL RCTP DL19G4V B772 View
20 RCTP ROAH DL20G4V B763 View
21 ROAH RKSI DL21G4V B753 View
22 RKSI RJTT DL22G4V B752 View
23 RJTT RJAW DL23G4V B763 View
24 RJAW PHNL DL24G4V B744 View
25 PHNL KLAX DL25G4V B752 View

Event History

Callsign Name Progress Legs Complete Start Date Last Flown Completion Date
DAL288 Joseph
25 12 Nov 2023 14 Dec 2023 14 Dec 2023
DAL294 Andrew
22 24 Nov 2023 27 Dec 2023
DAL249 Alessandro
4 12 Dec 2023 12 Dec 2023
DAL124 Scott
12 12 Nov 2023 12 Dec 2023
DAL171 Matthew
10 13 Nov 2023 01 Dec 2023
DAL78 Julio
1 18 Nov 2023 18 Nov 2023
DAL234 Manuel
1 15 Nov 2023 15 Nov 2023
DAL323 Charley
4 12 Nov 2023 14 Nov 2023
DAL242 Darryl
1 12 Nov 2023 12 Nov 2023
DAL250 Richard
1 12 Nov 2023 12 Nov 2023