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SUMMR2 FICKY B581 CAMOS/N0491F340 B581 WOSLU/N0486F360 B581 GOBIN/N0478F380 B581 NN DCT 20S175E 25S170E 29S165E 32S160E DCT SOTKI G595 ATNAT DCT RIKNI N774 MARLN MARLN5
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Flight Log

[17:23:42utc] You have successfully logged in Olga Kostina.
[17:24:10utc] Your flight to YSSY has now been started.
[17:24:11utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[17:39:49utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[17:40:16utc] Starting engine(s)
[17:41:59utc] FLAPS 1
[17:42:01utc] FLAPS 2
[17:49:18utc] Landing lights ON
[17:51:04utc] Detected take-off roll, WIND 117/3kt
[17:51:40utc] Departing KLAX, IAS 167kt, G-force 1.04g, pitch -5.38deg, bank 1.21deg, VS 45fpm, HDG 084deg
[17:51:43utc] Gear UP, IAS 174kt, GS 175kt, ALT 150ft
[17:51:45utc] FLAPS 1
[17:52:08utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 211kt
[17:52:11utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 210kt
[17:52:15utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 206kt, GS 206kt, VS 4218fpm, ALT 1050ft, PITCH -15.37deg, HDG 062deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 131/1kt
[17:52:45utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 211kt
[17:55:00utc] Landing lights OFF, ALT 10430ft
[18:09:13utc] Aircraft at 36700ft, IAS 263kt, GS 474kt, HDG 221deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 335/25kt
[18:09:39utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 267kt, GS 482kt, VS 552fpm, ALT 36750ft, PITCH -3.36deg, HDG 220deg, TAT -24deg, WIND 336/25kt
[18:10:44utc] Aircraft at 37050ft, IAS 263kt, GS 480kt, HDG 220deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 338/26kt
[18:23:06utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 263kt, GS 488kt, VS 74fpm, ALT 37130ft, PITCH -2.9deg, HDG 234deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 357/34kt
[18:23:18utc] Aircraft at 37130ft, IAS 263kt, GS 484kt, HDG 239deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 357/34kt
[22:00:27utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 264kt, GS 439kt, VS 51fpm, ALT 38110ft, PITCH -2.2deg, HDG 230deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 232/31kt
[22:00:35utc] Aircraft at 38110ft, IAS 264kt, GS 439kt, HDG 230deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 232/31kt
[23:00:30utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 261kt, GS 455kt, VS 51fpm, ALT 38130ft, PITCH -2.21deg, HDG 228deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 202/12kt
[23:00:32utc] Aircraft at 38140ft, IAS 261kt, GS 457kt, HDG 228deg, TAT -22deg, WIND 203/12kt
[04:37:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37960ft, IAS 259kt, GS 467kt, HDG 229deg, VS -2700fpm, TAT -28deg, WIND 270/2kt
[04:38:01utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 262kt, GS 451kt, VS 2719fpm, ALT 37330ft, PITCH -4.92deg, HDG 230deg, TAT -20deg, WIND 294/24kt
[04:39:39utc] Aircraft at 38160ft, IAS 270kt, GS 470kt, HDG 231deg, TAT -20deg, WIND 296/25kt
[05:01:24utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 38110ft, IAS 266kt, GS 459kt, HDG 234deg, VS -128fpm, TAT -21deg, WIND 299/42kt
[05:01:47utc] Aircraft at 38080ft, IAS 261kt, GS 451kt, HDG 234deg, TAT -22deg, WIND 299/42kt
[05:02:26utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 261kt, GS 457kt, VS 113fpm, ALT 38100ft, PITCH -1.69deg, HDG 234deg, TAT -22deg, WIND 309/41kt
[05:02:47utc] Aircraft at 38120ft, IAS 267kt, GS 468kt, HDG 234deg, TAT -20deg, WIND 309/41kt
[05:12:56utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 38060ft, IAS 265kt, GS 457kt, HDG 235deg, VS -124fpm, TAT -22deg, WIND 301/46kt
[05:13:19utc] Aircraft at 38040ft, IAS 261kt, GS 451kt, HDG 235deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 302/46kt
[07:59:34utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37560ft, IAS 265kt, GS 410kt, HDG 264deg, VS -778fpm, TAT -24deg, WIND 274/59kt
[08:08:57utc] Aircraft at 14290ft, IAS 290kt, GS 354kt, HDG 265deg, TAT 14deg, WIND 318/13kt
[08:16:35utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 14210ft, IAS 291kt, GS 356kt, HDG 266deg, VS -244fpm, TAT 15deg, WIND 328/16kt
[08:18:33utc] Aircraft at 12290ft, IAS 290kt, GS 348kt, HDG 267deg, TAT 17deg, WIND 343/16kt
[08:18:43utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 12230ft, IAS 291kt, GS 348kt, HDG 267deg, VS -267fpm, TAT 17deg, WIND 343/17kt
[08:20:20utc] Aircraft at 11260ft, IAS 290kt, GS 340kt, HDG 278deg, TAT 18deg, WIND 345/17kt
[08:21:36utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 11160ft, IAS 235kt, GS 274kt, HDG 280deg, VS -299fpm, TAT 13deg, WIND 344/17kt
[08:22:50utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 10070ft
[08:23:02utc] Landing lights OFF, ALT 9870ft
[08:23:05utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 9810ft
[08:25:29utc] Aircraft at 8200ft, IAS 229kt, GS 259kt, HDG 280deg, TAT 17deg, WIND 356/14kt
[08:29:35utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 8100ft, IAS 231kt, GS 260kt, HDG 280deg, VS -392fpm, TAT 17deg, WIND 357/11kt
[08:30:52utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 230kt
[08:35:23utc] Aircraft at 3080ft, IAS 199kt, GS 220kt, HDG 263deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 024/15kt
[08:38:00utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 160kt
[08:38:11utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 156kt
[08:38:13utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 155kt, GS 156kt, ALT 3070ft
[08:38:21utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 154kt
[08:39:03utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 157kt, GS 159kt, VS 127fpm, ALT 3080ft, PITCH -2.3deg, HDG 335deg, TAT 20deg, WIND 031/13kt
[08:39:28utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3050ft, IAS 161kt, GS 163kt, HDG 336deg, VS -535fpm, TAT 20deg, WIND 031/13kt
[08:41:17utc] Aircraft at 2030ft, IAS 157kt, GS 146kt, HDG 352deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 024/22kt
[08:41:31utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1990ft, IAS 145kt, GS 136kt, HDG 349deg, VS -316fpm, TAT 22deg, WIND 022/19kt
[08:41:42utc] Aircraft at 2010ft, IAS 136kt, GS 126kt, HDG 352deg, TAT 21deg, WIND 025/19kt
[08:41:53utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1930ft, IAS 133kt, GS 122kt, HDG 355deg, VS -1081fpm, TAT 21deg, WIND 024/20kt
[08:42:08utc] On approach, IAS 135, VS -1764fpm, ALT 1500ft, pitch 3.06deg, HDG 354deg
[08:42:17utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 137kt, ALT 1190ft
[08:42:24utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 139kt, ALT 930ft
[08:43:21utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 112kt
[08:43:27utc] Aircraft at 330ft, IAS 116kt, GS 105kt, HDG 353deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 027/20kt
[08:43:43utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 128kt, GS 119kt, VS 1873fpm, ALT 770ft, PITCH -20.17deg, HDG 353deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 028/19kt
[08:44:13utc] Gear UP, IAS 151kt, GS 140kt, ALT 1290ft
[08:46:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4370ft, IAS 136kt, GS 142kt, HDG 007deg, VS -1198fpm, TAT 18deg, WIND 029/8kt
[08:46:51utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 162kt, GS 167kt, VS 2189fpm, ALT 4540ft, PITCH -13.38deg, HDG 024deg, TAT 19deg, WIND 028/8kt
[08:47:57utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 6570ft, IAS 143kt, GS 171kt, HDG 160deg, VS -217fpm, TAT 15deg, WIND 359/8kt
[08:48:08utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 162kt, GS 179kt, VS 777fpm, ALT 6640ft, PITCH -9.73deg, HDG 194deg, TAT 6deg, WIND 270/2kt
[09:01:15utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 0kt, GS 0kt, ALT 30ft
[09:01:15utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[09:01:15utc] Landing lights OFF
[09:01:15utc] Aircraft parked
[09:05:36utc] Starting engine(s)
[09:05:36utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[09:06:07utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[09:06:57utc] Starting engine(s)
[09:08:51utc] Landing lights ON
[09:08:53utc] Landing lights OFF
[09:08:54utc] Landing lights ON
[09:13:15utc] Engine(s) shutdown

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