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DL3561 (2)
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Skill Analysis (33%)

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Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -273fpm)

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Flight Log

[15:01:31utc] You have successfully logged in Michael Obuchowicz.
[15:28:14utc] Your flight to KOKC has now been started.
[15:28:14utc] Aircraft boarding In progress
[15:34:03utc] FLAPS 1
[15:34:03utc] FLAPS 2
[15:34:04utc] FLAPS 3
[15:34:42utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[15:35:55utc] Detected Take-off roll, WIND 310/9kt
[15:36:17utc] Departing KSLC, IAS 128kt, G - Force 0.99g, pitch -13.02deg, bank 0.59deg, VS 66fpm, HDG 175deg
[15:36:25utc] Gear UP, IAS 148kt, GS 163kt, ALT 4300ft
[15:36:49utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 172kt
[15:36:50utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 175kt
[15:36:52utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 181kt
[15:36:53utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 184kt, GS 196kt, VS 145fpm, ALT 5430ft, PITCH -3.35deg, HDG 153deg, TAT 8deg, WIND 114/2kt
[15:37:01utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 5230ft, IAS 227kt, GS 241kt, HDG 128deg, VS -1315fpm, TAT 11deg, WIND 107/2kt
[15:37:13utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 242kt, GS 255kt, VS 976fpm, ALT 5360ft, PITCH -4.96deg, HDG 100deg, TAT 12deg, WIND 111/2kt
[15:38:45utc] Aircraft level at 5680ft, IAS 254kt, GS 272kt, HDG 337deg, TAT 12deg, WIND 115/2kt
[15:39:22utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 251kt, GS 266kt, VS 1404fpm, ALT 5740ft, PITCH -6.92deg, HDG 015deg, TAT 12deg, WIND 118/2kt
[15:45:53utc] Aircraft level at 25990ft, IAS 155kt, GS 266kt, HDG 143deg, TAT -31deg, WIND 307/31kt
[15:46:05utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 155kt, GS 268kt, VS 435fpm, ALT 26040ft, PITCH -13.82deg, HDG 143deg, TAT -31deg, WIND 308/31kt
[15:46:48utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 25990ft, IAS 173kt, GS 288kt, HDG 143deg, VS -3240fpm, TAT -29deg, WIND 311/30kt
[15:47:13utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 196kt, GS 315kt, VS 4305fpm, ALT 25700ft, PITCH -16.84deg, HDG 142deg, TAT -26deg, WIND 309/30kt
[15:48:42utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 27550ft, IAS 161kt, GS 282kt, HDG 101deg, VS -955fpm, TAT -33deg, WIND 308/35kt
[15:49:15utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 192kt, GS 323kt, VS 745fpm, ALT 27170ft, PITCH -7.87deg, HDG 104deg, TAT -30deg, WIND 307/34kt
[15:50:01utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 28540ft, IAS 168kt, GS 294kt, HDG 097deg, VS -3082fpm, TAT -35deg, WIND 304/33kt
[15:50:30utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 192kt, GS 317kt, VS 2089fpm, ALT 27930ft, PITCH -12.57deg, HDG 078deg, TAT -31deg, WIND 308/34kt
[15:51:32utc] Aircraft level at 29190ft, IAS 173kt, GS 309kt, HDG 131deg, TAT -35deg, WIND 309/34kt
[15:51:40utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 177kt, GS 315kt, VS 265fpm, ALT 29230ft, PITCH -9.02deg, HDG 130deg, TAT -35deg, WIND 309/35kt
[15:51:55utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 29200ft, IAS 183kt, GS 325kt, HDG 126deg, VS -216fpm, TAT -34deg, WIND 308/35kt
[15:52:08utc] Aircraft level at 29190ft, IAS 190kt, GS 332kt, HDG 118deg, TAT -34deg, WIND 308/35kt
[15:56:13utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 332kt, GS 515kt, VS 106fpm, ALT 29110ft, PITCH 0.57deg, HDG 107deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 310/30kt
[16:02:23utc] Aircraft level at 37000ft, IAS 271kt, GS 505kt, HDG 103deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 306/35kt
[16:04:52utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 270kt, GS 507kt, VS 373fpm, ALT 37050ft, PITCH -2.09deg, HDG 103deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 305/37kt
[16:05:44utc] Aircraft level at 37160ft, IAS 269kt, GS 507kt, HDG 103deg, TAT -22deg, WIND 305/36kt
[16:06:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37050ft, IAS 272kt, GS 509kt, HDG 104deg, VS -825fpm, TAT -22deg, WIND 305/34kt
[16:06:57utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 274kt, GS 509kt, VS 86fpm, ALT 36860ft, PITCH -1.66deg, HDG 104deg, TAT -22deg, WIND 307/35kt
[16:13:55utc] Aircraft level at 42850ft, IAS 195kt, GS 441kt, HDG 117deg, TAT -29deg, WIND 299/37kt
[16:14:05utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 194kt, GS 439kt, VS 110fpm, ALT 42880ft, PITCH -7.33deg, HDG 117deg, TAT -30deg, WIND 299/37kt
[16:14:32utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 42870ft, IAS 192kt, GS 435kt, HDG 118deg, VS -70fpm, TAT -30deg, WIND 299/37kt
[16:14:41utc] Aircraft level at 42890ft, IAS 191kt, GS 433kt, HDG 117deg, TAT -30deg, WIND 299/36kt
[16:16:57utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 42860ft, IAS 171kt, GS 398kt, HDG 118deg, VS -87fpm, TAT -34deg, WIND 299/37kt
[16:17:08utc] Aircraft level at 42860ft, IAS 168kt, GS 393kt, HDG 118deg, TAT -34deg, WIND 299/36kt
[16:17:33utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 42840ft, IAS 160kt, GS 377kt, HDG 118deg, VS -176fpm, TAT -35deg, WIND 299/36kt
[16:18:17utc] Aircraft level at 42220ft, IAS 155kt, GS 363kt, HDG 116deg, TAT -36deg, WIND 300/35kt
[16:18:35utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 42050ft, IAS 151kt, GS 356kt, HDG 114deg, VS -1497fpm, TAT -37deg, WIND 300/35kt
[16:20:33utc] Aircraft level at 39920ft, IAS 163kt, GS 360kt, HDG 116deg, TAT -36deg, WIND 307/33kt
[16:20:48utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 39870ft, IAS 158kt, GS 354kt, HDG 117deg, VS -416fpm, TAT -37deg, WIND 304/35kt
[16:22:40utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 204kt, GS 398kt, VS 921fpm, ALT 37040ft, PITCH -3.61deg, HDG 117deg, TAT -32deg, WIND 309/29kt
[16:22:51utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36830ft, IAS 209kt, GS 410kt, HDG 113deg, VS -1565fpm, TAT -30deg, WIND 310/28kt
[16:23:02utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 193kt, GS 379kt, VS 6396fpm, ALT 37370ft, PITCH -5.05deg, HDG 116deg, TAT -33deg, WIND 308/29kt
[16:23:17utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37130ft, IAS 198kt, GS 397kt, HDG 113deg, VS -3486fpm, TAT -32deg, WIND 310/29kt
[16:23:28utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 183kt, GS 365kt, VS 5756fpm, ALT 37640ft, PITCH -14.49deg, HDG 115deg, TAT -34deg, WIND 308/29kt
[16:23:43utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37370ft, IAS 191kt, GS 385kt, HDG 114deg, VS -5338fpm, TAT -33deg, WIND 314/31kt
[16:23:59utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 186kt, GS 375kt, VS 2289fpm, ALT 37420ft, PITCH -9.64deg, HDG 121deg, TAT -34deg, WIND 310/31kt
[16:24:29utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37980ft, IAS 172kt, GS 358kt, HDG 121deg, VS -2922fpm, TAT -35deg, WIND 307/30kt
[16:24:50utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 171kt, GS 356kt, VS 1195fpm, ALT 37770ft, PITCH -12.68deg, HDG 118deg, TAT -35deg, WIND 306/30kt
[16:25:15utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37900ft, IAS 162kt, GS 342kt, HDG 117deg, VS -261fpm, TAT -37deg, WIND 305/30kt
[16:26:05utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 165kt, GS 334kt, VS 561fpm, ALT 36530ft, PITCH -11.55deg, HDG 118deg, TAT -37deg, WIND 308/27kt
[16:26:29utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36440ft, IAS 168kt, GS 336kt, HDG 118deg, VS -1272fpm, TAT -37deg, WIND 308/26kt
[16:27:42utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 240kt, GS 430kt, VS 2814fpm, ALT 34680ft, PITCH -6.74deg, HDG 118deg, TAT -27deg, WIND 311/22kt
[16:28:05utc] Aircraft level at 34970ft, IAS 244kt, GS 441kt, HDG 118deg, TAT -26deg, WIND 309/23kt
[16:28:13utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34930ft, IAS 249kt, GS 447kt, HDG 118deg, VS -142fpm, TAT -26deg, WIND 309/22kt
[16:28:31utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 256kt, GS 459kt, VS 78fpm, ALT 34950ft, PITCH -2.31deg, HDG 118deg, TAT -24deg, WIND 309/22kt
[16:28:54utc] Aircraft level at 35000ft, IAS 265kt, GS 472kt, HDG 118deg, TAT -23deg, WIND 308/23kt
[16:29:54utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34990ft, IAS 284kt, GS 500kt, HDG 119deg, VS -420fpm, TAT -19deg, WIND 307/22kt
[16:30:49utc] Aircraft level at 34850ft, IAS 289kt, GS 503kt, HDG 119deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 306/21kt
[16:32:02utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 284kt, GS 500kt, VS 1660fpm, ALT 35010ft, PITCH -2.76deg, HDG 119deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 304/21kt
[16:34:52utc] Aircraft level at 36880ft, IAS 271kt, GS 502kt, HDG 119deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 298/24kt
[16:36:25utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 270kt, GS 500kt, VS 448fpm, ALT 36950ft, PITCH -1.96deg, HDG 120deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 296/24kt
[16:37:09utc] Aircraft level at 37070ft, IAS 269kt, GS 500kt, HDG 119deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 296/24kt
[16:40:25utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 37010ft, IAS 272kt, GS 502kt, HDG 120deg, VS -388fpm, TAT -18deg, WIND 292/23kt
[16:41:12utc] Aircraft level at 36910ft, IAS 272kt, GS 502kt, HDG 120deg, TAT -18deg, WIND 291/22kt
[16:49:27utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 271kt, GS 498kt, VS 304fpm, ALT 36910ft, PITCH -1.71deg, HDG 121deg, TAT -18deg, WIND 280/20kt
[16:50:05utc] Aircraft level at 36980ft, IAS 270kt, GS 496kt, HDG 122deg, TAT -18deg, WIND 279/20kt
[16:50:27utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36940ft, IAS 272kt, GS 498kt, HDG 122deg, VS -352fpm, TAT -17deg, WIND 278/20kt
[16:51:09utc] Aircraft level at 36850ft, IAS 273kt, GS 498kt, HDG 122deg, TAT -17deg, WIND 278/20kt
[17:06:31utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 273kt, GS 498kt, VS 191fpm, ALT 36870ft, PITCH -1.25deg, HDG 134deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 254/28kt
[17:07:08utc] Aircraft level at 36920ft, IAS 272kt, GS 498kt, HDG 135deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 254/29kt
[17:10:30utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 272kt, GS 498kt, VS 132fpm, ALT 36950ft, PITCH -1.18deg, HDG 136deg, TAT -13deg, WIND 249/34kt
[17:10:45utc] Aircraft level at 36960ft, IAS 261kt, GS 480kt, HDG 136deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 248/34kt
[17:10:54utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 36870ft, IAS 255kt, GS 472kt, HDG 128deg, VS -546fpm, TAT -16deg, WIND 248/34kt
[17:28:29utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 156kt
[17:28:33utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 153kt
[17:28:36utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 150kt
[17:28:49utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 136kt
[17:29:07utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 120kt, GS 124kt, ALT 4310ft
[17:29:41utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 3610ft
[17:30:07utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 123kt
[17:30:35utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 125kt, GS 126kt, VS 1178fpm, ALT 3070ft, PITCH -10.47deg, HDG 189deg, TAT 11deg, WIND 223/6kt
[17:30:57utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3110ft, IAS 108kt, GS 109kt, HDG 181deg, VS -1698fpm, TAT 11deg, WIND 225/6kt
[17:31:58utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 122kt, GS 122kt, VS 575fpm, ALT 2560ft, PITCH -7.11deg, HDG 180deg, TAT 13deg, WIND 227/7kt
[17:32:48utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 2730ft, IAS 134kt, GS 134kt, HDG 182deg, VS -429fpm, TAT 13deg, WIND 226/7kt
[17:33:42utc] Aircraft On final approach, IAS 159, VS -810fpm, ALT 2190ft, pitch 2.83deg, HDG 182deg
[17:34:52utc] Landed at destination KOKC with a landing rate of -273fpm, touchdown speed 116kt, G - Force 1.6g, pitch -4.36deg, bank 0.96deg
[17:35:08utc] Aircraft taxiing To gate
[17:35:16utc] FLAPS 4
[17:35:16utc] FLAPS 3
[17:35:16utc] FLAPS 2
[17:35:16utc] FLAPS 1
[17:35:17utc] FLAPS UP
[17:35:48utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[17:35:48utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[17:37:22utc] Aircraft at gate/stand, ground services are moving into position, disembarkation has begun
[17:37:46utc] Engine shutdown
[17:37:46utc] Landing lights OFF

Flight Map