posted by Darryl Daniels on 2021-11-06

FLY THE WORLD is our final flight challenge of 2021. With this event, the task is to fly from a set airport in one international country to another. There are six of flights that participants MUST fly in order to be eligible to have a chance to win. Each flight is worth one point/entry in the challenge. There is a seventh completely OPTIONAL flight that is worth 5 additional entries when completed. This challenge will have one ultimate winner and a runner-up, both of who will be chosen randomly by wheel spin. The winner will receive a DAL Duffle Bag customized with their name and pilot ID. The second finisher will receive a replica Airbus 330-300 desktop model in glorious Delta colors. It is not necessary to fly each flight more than once for entry.

The required flight legs (and estimated flight times) for this challenge are:

EHAM - OMDB (Amsterdam- Dubai) 6h 34m
KORD - EIDW (Chicago - Dublin) 7h 10m
KATL - SBGR (Atlanta - Sao Paulo) 9h 48m
KSEA - RJAA (Seattle - Tokyo) 9h 54m
LFPG - ZBAA (Paris - Beijing) 9h 50m
KJFK - DNMM (Kennedy - Lagos) 11h 1m


KLAX - YSSY (Los Angeles -Sydney) 15h 10m

Flights must be completed and registered via VA Base ACARS to be eligible for entry. Manual pireps WILL NOT be counted as entries. Slewed or sped-up flights will not be accepted. Pilots have at least 3 prior hours of flight time with the airline to be eligible to enter this event.

Pilots have 30 days to complete the appointed flights, so don't feel like you have to fly everywhere in a day. You can fly them in any order of your choosing. Fly at your available leisure, after all, the reward of these flights is not so much a physical prize, but the opportunity to try your hand at flying somewhere you might not have otherwise. So, enjoy each flight!

All flights must be recorded by ACARS
The challenge ends at 12AM on Dec 6th. Winners will be announced on December 7th.